Truck Safety Complaint: Harry Byrd Hwy. / White Gate Pl. Leesburg VA

Patrol Deputies responded to the area of Harry Byrd Highway (EB) and White Gate Place for a report of a tractor-trailer creating sparks. The caller stated that a “tractor-trailer was creating sparks and now the back is on fire”. Patrol Deputies quickly located the tractor-trailer and initiated a traffic stop. The truck was observed by the patrol supervisor, who subsequently made a request for LCSO Motor Carrier Safety Units (Truck Safety Units) to assist. Upon inspection, the company was issued two Virginia Uniform Summons.


  1. The vehicle was overweight by 58,200 lbs. (46.2-1126 Virginia State Code)
  2. Hauling Permit violation (once it was determined that he was in violation of his hauling permit, he was not allowed to haul such a heavy load which is what turned into the overweight violation). He was in violation of the hauling permit for two reasons: his front escort vehicle did not have a height pole, he did not have a proper rear escort vehicle, and the permit was issued to a different company. (46.2-1139 Virginia State Code)

Along with the two above summonses, the vehicle also had two “out of service” safety violations. This incident involves the same transport company as the June 25, 2021, incident in Hillsboro, where a truck hauling a large piece of equipment became stuck in the roundabout damaging curbing and landscaping as well as damaging the guardrail on eastbound Route 9. The driver in that incident was cited for not having a Virginia Department of Transportation Highway Hauling Permit, Improper Brakes, and being 59,300 pounds overweight.

07/06/2021 6:41 am

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