Telephone Fraud: 11/22/22 3:20 p.m. Purcellville VA

The complainant reported that he received a voicemail from a subject claiming to be with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office stating that the complainant was wanted for failing to appear for Jury duty. It is important to note that the complainant had recently been summoned for Jury duty in September 2022. The complainant called back and was placed in a voicemail tree and directed to a voicemail box entitled “County Office.” He did not leave a v/m but shortly thereafter received a callback. The caller knew the complainant’s name, address, and phone number used “police jargon” and told the complainant that three fines were levied for his failure to answer his jury summons. He further told the complainant that the matter could be resolved by paying the fines by purchasing five (5) $200.00 Walmart gift cards. After the complainant told the caller that he was going to check directly with a deputy, the caller hung up.

11/22/22 3:20 p.m.


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