Suspicious Incident: 1020 E. Main Street Purcellville VA 

Management at Velocity Wings reported receiving prank phone calls from youthful callers and, while checking with other nearby merchants, discovered that similar calls had been received by Papa John’s Pizza. Officers spoke to management at Papa John’s, who reported receiving three orders online that did not require prepayment, totaling approximately $280.00. The food was never picked up. The address listed was in Berryville with a phone number from Roanoke. Police checked with Domino’s and discovered that they received orders from someone using the same name as the orders at Papa John’s, but since that name had been used before for orders that were not picked up, the system automatically canceled the orders. The name utilized appears to be an alias and the associated number is spoofed.

12/23/23            7:49 p.m.


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