Suspicious Incident Update: 41000 block Wakehurst Pl. Leesburg VA

The vehicle and the occupants were identified.

Suspicious Incident: The complainant reported that while her children were playing outside a van stopped near her kids and the passenger talked to her kids. Incident reports are posted each regular business day, Monday through Friday, except holidays. These reports are not all-inclusive for cases reported, but only those noted for media interest. To review prior Daily Incident Reports please visit To determine your station area, please go to The LCSO also provides an online mapping and analysis service through that combines the value of law enforcement data with the ease of use of Google-based mapping and an analytics module. Members of the public can view upto-date information on nearly all Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office calls for service that are relevant to their community. The vehicle was able to be identified. This case remains under investigation.

10/20/2020 3:55 pm

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