Suspicious Incident: (KKK) Recruitment Fliers in Western Loudoun

01/17/20 Lucketts Rd./Lost Corner Rd./Spinks Ferry Rd./Milltown Rd./Old Wheatland Rd./Falconaire Pl./Lovettsville Rd./Sweet Fern Ln./Harpers Ferry Rd. Lucketts/Lovettsville/Hillsboro

The LCSO responded to the area of Lucketts and Lovettsville on Friday where Ku Klux Klan (KKK) recruitment fliers were found by Loudoun residents. The fliers are believed to have been left during the overnight. Additional fliers were located in Hillsboro on Saturday that are believed to have been distributed during the same time period. All of the fliers were found in plastic bags containing birdseed and were located in driveways. There is no indication any of the households who received the fliers were targeted. The fliers were similar to previously reported incidents in Loudoun County and Leesburg. Detectives with the LCSO have canvassed the areas and have been in contact with regional and federal law enforcement regarding the distribution of these materials. Anyone who received one of these fliers and has not already talked with a deputy is encouraged to call the LCSO at 703-777-1021.

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