Suspicious Incident: Cyberspace

A middle school student was part of a group chat on the social media site discord when a fellow student in the chat warned the others to not go to the school the next morning because he was “going to go wild” and did not want his friends to get hurt. A parent was notified and the police were called. Simultaneously, the Loudoun County Public Schools contacted police about a gaggle alert for the same incident, as at least one of the parties involved in the chat was using a school-issued computer. Police responded to the residence of the student who promised to “go wild” and spoke with the teen and his parents. Police discovered that the teen had no access to weapons, and was just trying to “re-activate a dead chat group.” He understood the mistake he made and why the police were called. Officers informed school security and notified the Deputy School Resource Officer.

1/30/23 2:05 p.m.


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