Suspicious Incident: 609 E. Main Street  Purcellville VA

Two juvenile females were in the restroom at a store when someone using a key attempted to open it. One of the girls announced herself and pushed the door closed. No additional attempt was made to open the door. The report was made after the incident by the mother of one of the girls when the girls returned home. Police went to the store and spoke to the manager, who reported that the unisex bathroom requires a key for entry. All employees have keys, should a customer or employee need to use the restroom. Police identified the employee, who reported that he needed to use the restroom and knocked, receiving no response, before inserting his key. When he heard someone and felt pushback, he stepped away and made no additional attempt to enter. The facts relayed by the complainant were consistent with the facts provided by the employee. It did not appear that there was any ill intent by the employee in this incident.

08/02/23 2:28 p.m.


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