Suspicious Incident: 100 Block of N. 16th Street  Purcellville VA 

Police received a call from an uninvolved third party who was calling on behalf of his friend, who may have been menaced by a man with a knife. The investigating officer met with the victim who reported he was in his car when he was approached by a man with a knife, who was upset for an unknown reason and may have threatened to do bodily harm. The victim exited his car and ran to the nearby McDonalds.  Police learned a possible first name for the suspect and canvassed the apartment complex. They later obtained a photo of the suspect and determined that they had located him during their earlier canvass.

The following evening, police responded to the mutual place of work for both parties and interviewed the suspect. He reported a version of events that began with someone kicking his apartment door and waking him up. He saw the victim outside and assumed him to be the door kicker. He went out, saw the knife on the ground and picked it up. He denied menacing the victim and claimed to have gotten no closer than 15 yards away.

Police followed up with a third party who offered another version of events. At the conclusion of the interviews, police circled back with the victim, who indicated that he and the suspect spoke and they had no issues between them. As such he declined the option of seeking warrants.

12/23/23   2:05 a.m.



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