Stolen Auto: 100 Block of N. 16th Street Purcellville VA

On the night of 10-9-22, Leesburg Police encountered a car in a park, where juveniles in possession of a case of beer, fled on foot. Several were caught and released to their parents. The vehicle was left in the park. In the morning, the LPD found that the windows of the vehicle had been smashed. They were able to contact the owner, who reported that a friend, whom he identified, had borrowed the vehicle. The friend, met the Police, telling them that a third man, a mechanic had been working as available, on the car, and to facilitate this, the keys were left under a floor mat of the unlocked vehicle. Upon noticing that the vehicle was not in the parking lot on 10-10-22, he assumed that the mechanic had it until he was contacted by the vehicle owner. A canvas of the area revealed the presence of a camera. The investigating officer is awaiting a review of the footage by the camera owner. The investigation is ongoing.

10/10/22 11:23 a.m.


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