Larceny: Purcellville Gateway SC Purcellville VA 

Officers responded to the business for a report of a larceny. They were advised three subjects entered the store. Two of the subjects were preoccupied with the store manager, while the third subject attempted to purchase gift cards with a credit card. He advised the clerk he was using an international credit card and instructed him to enter it as a “cash” transaction. The young clerk was unfamiliar with “international” credit cards, so he called the manager over. The manager came over and had the clerk tend to another register. One of the other two subjects then attempted a similar purchase with the same clerk at the new register. The subjects were utilizing a fraudulent credit card and attempting to scam the clerk to process the transaction with the stolen credit cards. They were able to purchase numerous gift cards with fraudulent credit cards. The investigation is ongoing.

07/10/23 11:52 a.m.


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