Larceny-Destruction of Property: 300 Block of Orchard Drive Purcellville VA

The complainant had been in attendance at a party earlier in the evening and discovered several items were missing from her unlocked car. During the same time frame of the larceny, a call was placed to ECC in reference to a fire in the grass near the Loudoun Valley Community Center. A lookout was broadcast for a truck leaving the fire scene. A few hours later, an officer stopped a truck matching the description and observed two juveniles, who were found to be in possession of the items stolen from the complainant’s vehicle. After initial denials, blaming the ever-present third “unknown” kid, who seems to be present when a crime occurs but is never present when they are caught, admitted to the larceny. They also admitted to accidentally starting the fire with a carelessly discarded cigarette. They thought they stamped out the fire but apparently left burning embers. The original victim declined prosecution, happy just to be getting her property back. Staff shared the information with the fire department.

10/29/22 11:52 p.m.


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