Keeping Safe During Hurricane Season: Essential Preparation Steps

Hurricane season spans from June 1 to November 30 in the Atlantic region, bringing with it the potential for strong winds, heavy rain, and extended power outages. Instead of rushing to respond with only 48 hours’ notice before a storm, consider these proactive steps to ready your home.

Inspect Your Home for Repairs

Initiate your preparation by examining your home:

  • Roof: Check for missing shingles.
  • Siding: Ensure none is damaged or unsecured.
  • Gutters: Confirm they’re clean and properly attached.
  • Windows: Consider storm shutters for added protection.
  • Doors: Ensure all exterior doors are secure and that your garage door operates properly.

Address any concerns immediately, enhancing your home’s storm resilience. Also, ensure outdoor furniture is either anchored or can be quickly moved indoors.

Assemble a Hurricane Preparedness Kit

Power losses during severe storms can last for days. It’s wise to have a kit prepared in advance.

Essentials for your kit:

First Aid Essentials

  • Sterile gloves (at least two pairs)
  • Sterile dressings and bandages
  • Cleansing soap and antibiotic wipes
  • Ointments for burns and cuts
  • Eye wash solution
  • Thermometer, scissors, and tweezers

Food & Drink

  • Stock up on non-perishable items for a minimum of three days.
  • Ensure you have a gallon of water per person (and pet) for each day.
  • Medication and Personal Care
  • Remember baby needs like formula, diapers, and bottles.
  • Stock essential medications such as insulin, heart, or blood pressure meds.
  • Also include non-prescription items like aspirin and antacids.

Clothing & Bedding

  • Pack a full outfit for each family member.
  • Include rain gear, towels, blankets, hats, gloves, sunglasses, and sturdy shoes.

Tools & Documents

  • Have flashlights, extra batteries, candles, flares, lighters, and waterproof matches.
  • Safeguard important documents such as passports and insurance papers.
  • Regularly update your kit; certain items like food, water, and medicine should be refreshed every six months. Kits can be self-assembled or purchased online.

Seek Professional Assistance

If your home requires storm-proofing, consider companies like DryHome Roofing & Siding for services such as roofing, siding, and window repair. It’s always better to prepare in advance than to face the consequences of an unprepared home during hurricane season.

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