Hit and Run: 340 Maple Avenue Purcellville VA

An officer patrolling at Loudoun Valley HS heard a loud bang and found that several road signs near the W&OD trail, had been knocked down. Additionally, various car parts were found at the scene, however, the donor vehicle was missing. Officers working the scene noticed a subject watching from the trail north of the crash location. Apparently noticing the officers, he turned and walked in the opposite direction. The investigation continued with the officer checking the area and finding a damaged vehicle in the lot at 650 Dominion Terrace. As they approached, someone used a remote to lock the unoccupied car. A few minutes later, a subject approached and told the officers that they were looking at his rental car. He gave them a story about a friend driving the car overnight. He also told officers that he was staying with his girlfriend in an apartment in the complex. Officers were able to debunk this claim, not at one, but at two locations provided by the subject. Officers also debunked the story of the “friend” who had borrowed the car. Furthermore, they checked the trail and found men’s clothing and a cell phone stacked in the brush. The clothes matched those worn by the subject watching the officers at the original crime scene. Officers contacted the SRO assigned to LVHS and are awaiting a review of the school’s camera system to see if the accident was captured. The investigation is ongoing.

10/16/22 7:40 a.m.


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