Hit and Run: 251 N. 21st Street Purcellville VA 

The victim’s unoccupied vehicle was struck in the parking lot by a vehicle that fled the lot at high speed. Two witnesses were able to capture a partial tag. Video evidence showed the crime and a full tag. A deputy from the Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in the County and located and photographed the suspect vehicle. Two days after the accident, the investigating officer spoke to the vehicle owner, who admitted to being in the parking lot, but stated that she struck a pole and exited the vehicle but found no damage to the pole so she left without contacting the police. As video evidence contradicted her statement, a warrant was obtained for hit and run. The suspect is aware of the warrant and indicated that she was out of town but would turn herself in on Monday, 8-21-23.

08/12/23 3:32p.m.




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