Hit and Run: 123 E. Main Street Purcellville VA 

The complainant heard a loud noise and looked out, noticing that his mailbox was on the ground, along with a tire and rim, which did not come from any vehicles currently at the residence, plus other assorted vehicle debris. A few minutes later, a truck returned to the scene and collected the tire and rim. The now three-wheeled suspect vehicle fled the scene again. Like a bloodhound on a good scent, the officer followed the markings on the roadway, made by the suspect vehicle wheel hub, free from the encumbrance of a rim and tire. His search was augmented by the trail of truck parts and a few sideswiped power poles. Amazingly, the three-wheeled truck, with a fourth in the truck bed, made it all the way to the parking lot near the train station. No driver was located and the vehicle bearing a West Virginia registration was impounded. The investigation is ongoing

10/21/22 7:52 p.m.


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