Hit and Run: 1000 E. Main Street Purcellville VA  

A woman in the parking lot of Giant observed a vehicle attempting to park and hit another vehicle. The striking vehicle’s right front bumper made slight contact with the parked vehicle’s left rear bumper. The striking vehicle retrenched and moved to a different parking spot. The witness wrote down the tag number and waited for the vehicle owner to come out, and provided her with the striking vehicle tag. The owner of the victimized vehicle went into the Giant and had staff page the driver of the suspect vehicle. No one responded, and the victim left the store, only to discover that the suspect vehicle was gone. The investigating officer located the suspect vehicle at a residence in Town and spoke to the driver, who indicated that she did not feel that there was any damage. The officer pointed out the damage to her vehicle and told her of the damage to the other car. The officer facilitated the exchange of insurance information as the other party did not desire prosecution.

12/16/22 4:19 p.m.


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