Fraud/Larceny: 121 Bailey Lane Purcellville VA 

On June 1, 2023, a company placed a telephone order for a product, and payment was made via credit card. Later that day two people picked up the order. On June 6th, a second order was placed, using a different card. Coincidentally, that same day, the vendor was notified of a chargeback from the bank on the first order, due to the fraudulent use of the credit card. The vendor called and e-mailed the customer only to find that the phone number was disconnected and received no reply to the e-mail. No one came to pick up the order.

On June 21st, the vendor was notified by his bank that the June 6th charge was also fraudulent. In another coincidence, the “customer” called to say he was coming to pick up the order of June 6th. He also called back to place a third order, but was told to e-mail a photo of the credit card. This demand elicited no response. Police staked out the business, but the “customer” was a no show. The investigation is on-going.

06/21/23 2:25 p.m.




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