DUI-Drunk in Public:n Hirst Road @N. 21st Street Purcellville VA

An officer on patrol came upon a running vehicle stopped in the travel lane on 21st Street. The driver’s door was open, and he could hear yelling coming from inside the car. Upon approach, he noted the odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from the driver. She was disoriented and exhibited other signs of intoxication. She attempted but failed several field sobriety tests. She was arrested and transported to the adult detention center, where she refused to provide a breath sample. She was charged with DUI and Unreasonable Refusal.

The passenger in the vehicle, who was also intoxicated, interfered as the officers were attempting to deal with the intoxicated driver, becoming belligerent and aggressive. With some struggle, he was removed from the car and arrested. He was transported to the adult detention center, where he was charged with being drunk in public. He was ordered to be held until sober.
6/04/24 9:40 p.m.

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