Domestic Dispute: 200 Block of Elder Terrace Purcellville VA

A son reported that his parents were fighting and police were needed. Officers arrived to find the son and his father outside. Both reported that a verbal argument took place with the wife/mother, who was intoxicated. An officer and deputy entered the residence and located the intoxicated wife/mother. She provided law enforcement with multiple versions of the events of the evening, one included her being slapped in the head. The officer and deputy checked the area in question and neither found any visible sign of injury. As there was no evidence of physical assault, the investigating officer offered to take the woman to the magistrate to seek an arrest warrant. She declined, indicating that the argument was only verbal. The father and son, left for the night to allow for the woman to get sober. No additional action was taken.

10/27/22 6:43 p.m.

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