Domestic Assault: 37000 Block of Wexford Place Purcellville VA

A woman was locked out of her home by her husband following a verbal dispute over allegations of infidelity. She called the police, who responded and interviewed both parties. Both denied any type of physical altercation and there were no signs of injury on either party. Both agreed to remain separate in the residence At 8:48 a.m., officers returned to the residence, where they observed a man in a vehicle backing from the driveway. The driver stopped and exited the vehicle, whereupon the officers noted that his shirt was torn and he had various scratches on his neck and arms. Officers learned that in the morning, the two had resumed the argument from last evening and that the woman had assaulted her husband. She was arrested and transported to the Adult Detention Center, where she was booked for Domestic Assault and Battery.

9/20/22 1:24 a.m.


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