Disorderly Conduct: 200 N. Maple Avenue Purcellville VA 

A man entered the doctor’s office seeking treatment for his daughter’s nosebleed. He was given new patient paperwork but became upset, overturning furniture in the waiting room and attempting to push a computer monitor onto the receptionist. He then exited the building and returned to his car which was in the back parking lot. Concerned for the patient, the doctor went to the back lot. The suspect yelled at the doctor, screaming that he was going to take his daughter to the emergency room. As the subject was pulling out, he nearly stuck the doctor. Local medical clinics and emergency rooms were contacted but the suspect was not located. The suspect was described as a man of middle eastern descent, driving a tan Acura MDX. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call Officer Dickson at 540-338- 7422.

05/08/23 6:56 p.m.


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