Bank Fraud: 160 Purcellville Gateway Purcellville VA 

An unknown woman attempted to access a bank account and withdraw $5000.00. Prior to the attempt, the bank manager watched the subject exit her vehicle, which was parked in the Harris Teeter portion of the lot, and walk to the bank. He thought that this was odd as the bank had plenty of empty parking spaces. The woman entered the bank and provided a legitimate account number and a Pennsylvania Driver’s license. The teller examined the license and noted that while the requestor appeared to be in her 30s, the license indicated a birthdate of 1964. She gave the license back but asked to see it again at which point the suspect left the bank. The Bank manager called the account holder, who reported that she was in Pennsylvania.

The account was frozen, and she was advised to report in person to her branch and get new account numbers. A Purcellville officer spoke by phone with the victim and provided her with the phone numbers for the three credit bureaus so she could place a fraud alert on her accounts. He also spoke with an officer from the East Lamenter Police Department, who took an ID theft report from the victim. The investigation is ongoing, and the officer is awaiting security camera images from the bank. If you suspect that you are the victim of ID theft or Fraud and want to place a fraud alert on your account, please see:

12/14/22 10:08 a.m.


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