Animal Complaint: Wintergreen Drive Purcellville VA 

Police received a call from a concerned homeowner, who reported a citing of two “hairy armadillos” in the backyard. Typically found in Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay, sightings are extremely rare in far West Northern Virginia. It is unknown if the animals in question were Andean Hairy Armadillos, Big Hairy Armadillos, or Screaming Hairy Armadillos, all part of the Chaetophractus genus. Police deferred to the experts from Animal Welfare who were unable to locate the burrowing, nocturnal, solitary, pest eaters. The screaming hairy armadillo is named for the loud-pitched squeal it lets out when threatened. It is the smallest of three hairy armadillo species, a group that has more hair than most other armadillo species.

06/19/23 9:21 a.m.


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